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Pollotarianism and My Views on Fish (Semi-Rant)

Today, while doing a reading assignment for my history class, I had the urge to procrastinate by looking up animal rights related to fish. I ended up discovering a word that describes my eating habits: pollotarianism. Pollotarians eat meat that is only from poultry, but never red meat.

I’ve always been a pollotarian. The meat I usually buy and eat is poultry. I eat bacon, meatballs, burgers, and sausages made with turkey. Yet, I sometimes eat said food in meatless-style, but only if they’re available and are easy to cook.

I eat poultry because I’ve never liked the taste of any other meat in the first place. Even though beef will always be popular with everyone, I never eat it simply because I don’t like the taste of it. The only time I eat it is when it is the only meat available and at In-N-Out (which is a popular West Coast fast food chain, in case you never heard of it). Seriously. I sometimes eat pork such as glazed ham and crispy bacon, but I’m not too interested in it. It is also too fatty for me. As for seafood, I only eat it in Japanese food. I sometimes eat fillet, fish sticks, and fish & chips, but the taste of fish doesn’t make me want to eat it constantly. There’s other seafood I don’t eat, such as lobster. I’ve actually never had lobster before!

However, the big reason why I don’t often eat seafood is because I love fish (and crustaceans) so much that I don’t ever want to hurt them! That’s why I don’t go fishing and I’m always staring at aquariums. I don’t even mention my fish-eating habits around my pet goldfish and betta! XD I get angry if someone says fish don’t have feelings or aren’t cuddly enough to warrant respect. As someone who grew up with pet fishes, I can say that they definitely have feelings, personality traits, intelligence, and, yes, good memory. Some fish are also very beautiful and cute-looking, but fish aren’t animals you’d pet. (Fun Fact: I’ve actually petted a shark before and accidentally poked its eye. It didn’t bite me, but I guess it was a kind that doesn’t bite humans.) Regardless, fish are good pets to have and I have too much respect for them.

So remember guys, if you’re going to buy live fish or seafood, look into sustainable recreational fishing, fisheries, and seafood restaurants, and only buy pet fish that were bred in captivity, not captured from the wild. (Sadly, a lot of saltwater fish at pet stores were captured. That’s one thing Finding Nemo didn’t lie about!)

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